Semi trailer truck and 18 wheeler advertising in Vancouver BC

Mobile billboards and advertising on 18 wheels

Be seen on the roads and highways of the Lower Mainland: Vancouver, Richmond, Coquitlam, Port Moody, Burnaby and New Westminster. Day in and day out.

Low Cost

With a $1 cost per thousand (CPM), we’re less expensive than other out-of-home (OOH) media. $1 CPM is tough to beat!

Moving Billboards

There aren’t a lot of massive billboards driving around. That’s why you’ll benefit from the element of surprise.

Huge Impact

Our semi-trailers offer more than 1,000 square feet of image area. You can’t get this massive impact anywhere else. Especially on the roads.

GPS Tracking

With GPS-capable tracking, you cam receive your own advertising asset report every quarter. Know where your ad has been.

Highway Media is a supplier to some of BC's favourite brands.

“What’s the exact opposite of a tiny ad on a phone? 80,000 pounds of moving billboard!”

Highway Media is what advertising is all about: be the biggest. Be the loudest. And be in your face.

At a cost per thousand (CPM) of around $1, we know we have the best prices in the market. Better than the skinny little billboard at the side of the road. Better than a wimpy side of a filthy bus. Better than the cold, lonely bus shelter. Mobile billboards are better in every way.

Don’t mess around with other expensive OOH media. Get the power – and scale – of advertising on 18 wheels.

Mobile Billboards on 18 WHEELS

Be King of the Road

Our massive food grade trucks are perfet for your most powerful moving messages.

Act now and get the latest specials from Vancouver’s largest mobile billboard company.

Semi truck advertising in Vancouver BC

Vancouver’s largest moving billboards

Nobody has more moving advertising space than Highway Media. Not transit. Not out-of-home posters. We’ve got the biggest display areas for your brand messages.

Mobile Billboards on 18 WHEELS

Get the power of Highway Media.

With the lowest cost and the highest impact, set your brand free on the highways of the Lower Mainland

mobile billboards vancouver bc

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