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Mobile OOH – Advertising on Semi-Trailers and Trucks

About Highway Media


We do mobile billboards in the biggest way possible: on 18 wheels.

Highway Media is Western Canada’s leading mobile billboard solution. With hundreds of trucks operating in BC, Alberta and Washington, our 53′ semi-trailers and 40′ trucks are perfect for making a huge impact with commuters every day.

Combine a mobile billboard campaign with podcasting advertising or digital programmatic campaign.

Perfect for the big BIG thinkers

We are the perfect marketing solution for big thinkers, big brands and big ideas. With so much image area, you’ll be sure to earn thousands of hard-to-win impressions at a fraction of the cost of other high impact media.

Get the power that no other medium can match

Think big. Be creative. Be outrageous.

Connect with consumers on the way to work. Be seen in the morning. And again at night. We’re on the roads and highways all around Vancouver and the lower mainland, mingling with hundreds of thousands of commuters every single day.

Highway Media is Western Canada’s leading mobile billboard solution

If you’re an advertiser using transit or other out-of-home media, you’ll want to consider Highway Media.

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